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The Shop is full of sacred metaphysical supples from around the world, natural body and hair products.  Cultural clothing, flags, books and jewelry to lively up yourself. The intention of our earth store is to celebrates our unity in spirit, health, and wellbeing.

Yoga Class offers yoga to beginners classes mainly to relax, increase range of motion and promote connection with mind and body. 

Yoga classes are in a private setting with no more the 5 people per class to give you the attention and comfort needed.


Couples and family yoga are for balance and harmony.


Kids yoga promotes health and social emotional intelligence with the space to stretch, craft, be silly, & tune into their inner truth. We specialize in kids yoga. Kids popular classes: the 5 love language, emotions awareness, boundaries & consequences, meditation and energy awareness!

Divine Consultations 

Psychic medium readings are with guardian angels, higher self, passed over loved ones and divine guides. These members for your spiritual team. Assist in the reading with the a birds eye view they can show you more harmonious routes like a forecast. You can choose to put on a rain coat, choose an other rout, or wait it out. 

Energy healings 

Connecting to heaven and earth. This tool for your spiritual kits, teaches you to meditate to depth the of your inner being in a space of peace and in the most stressful moments. Cracking open a new deck setting space is important, making sure not to let in unwanted energy. Release old negative energy left by others and renew your energy is just as important as taking a bath.

Chakra tune up completed with 7 chakra bowls to tune each chakra,

7 Chakra gemstone to harmonize energy centers, and the 7 angels that govern the center.

Completion Process/healing passed memories with healing guides the process heals old hurt/trauma that is affecting your present day life. The is Teal Swans completion process. An upgrade to my original healing past memories. Whole Healing for your soul this lifetime.








Intuitive Consultant | Holistic Healer | Spiritual Teacher | Yoga Instructor


Specialties: Psychic, Medium, Tarot, Reiki, Relationship, Past Life, Akashic Record, Angel, Chakra, Aura, Psychic Development, Energy Healer, Intuitive Kids, Kids Yoga, Adult Yoga.


Daphne communicates with Angels, guides, the higher self (connection to God), and past over loved ones. She uses her heightened sense of clairsentience (feeling), clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (knowing), clairscent (smelling), clairgustance (taste), and remote viewing as a tool to access information on future, present and past lives. The gift has been passed down through her family Lineage.


Daphne has a heightened intuitive healing ability that allows her see and release negative energy that is ready to be released in the body and renew the body with harmonizing energy. She works with crystals, pendulums along with reiki, chakra & energy balancing techniques to assist her in the healing’s. 


Daphne was born in Florida. At an early age she established a personal connection with the Creator, her Guardian Angels, and Guides. She began to identify and master the abilities within herself. Acquired even more skills and studied under some of the best teachers in the field with over 40 years of training in the medical and spiritual field combined.


Daphne is a public speaker, spiritual teacher, healer, intuitive life consultant and a friend. She has dedicate her life to assist and aid in healing others through their life's journey.